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Well-made promotional DVDs, and more importantly website video clips, have become standard elements of a school’s marketing armoury. They provide a glimpse of life at a school that no still photography or text can ever hope to emulate – they are, in short, the most emotively powerful form of communication available.

The problem, despite this, is that too many school videos distinctly lack sparkle. This is partly due to uninspired camerawork, but more importantly because they fall in to the trap of failing to use the medium to its full effect. At DSD we believe as well as being informative, a video should also entertain, so assuring its memorability.

DSD's team of four young, talented, London-based film-makers have honed their talents on a rich mixture of television commercials, television productions, music videos, and award winning short films. This experience and expertise has now been put to good use for our school clients, and importantly without breaking the budget!