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A strong brand reflects the DNA of a school – its character and personality, its ethos and culture, its structure (single-sex, co-educational etc), and its individuality. Working to its full potential it can create confidence and reassurance, as well as helping to set a school apart in what is a highly competitive market.

Over the years, DSD has successfully re-branded around a dozen schools, including single sex boys’ schools, single sex girls’ schools, co-educational schools, and international schools.
In every instance great care has been taken to ensure that the brand is consistently represented throughout all forms of media off-line and on-line, printed and on-air – and that it communicates just one public face.

Strong brands are built over time. They are like old friends, instantly recognisable and communicating a level of confidence that is reassuring. Brands can, and do, evolve over the years, but it is essential to maintain continuity so that the essence remains intact. Part of DSD’s role is to help police this on behalf of its clients.