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With limited budgets it is essential to prioritise any advertising activity. Simply taking space in ‘directory-like’ education features is not sufficient. It tends to be expensive and worse still not very efficient. DSD works closely with schools to establish a clear strategy to meet key marketing objectives cost efficiently.

Using DSD’s creative services, a growing number of schools are seeing the benefits of well structured advertising activity. With our professional and experienced creative team we are able to create advertising that really stands out from the crowd, communicating a consistent ‘public’ face, and helping to inform and influence the growing number of ‘first time ‘buyers.

DSD has worked closely with TCS Media, one of the UK’s leading media independents, for over 10 years. Together we are able to offer an outstanding planning and buying service, and our joint experience means that we successfully are able to provide informed advice that can make a real difference. In recent times we have run various poster campaigns, advertised on buses, taken to the radio airwaves, and dominated local papers with advertorials.